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2 Heralds (1 Troubadour, 1 Beckoner).  

2 Chanters (1 Troubadour, 1 Beckoner)

1 Ascendant/Helwalker (for echoplastic echo and amplified waves).  


Idea's pretty simple: 


Summon weapons or allies.

Use troubadours to buff them for more penetration.  

Amplify wave everything.  


Win.  The great thing about this is you can just let the AI handle everything since you can't pause the game.  

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My Magran's challenge + Berath Challenge team is similarly built - I didn't want to go crazy on scripting the AI but still wanted to make it a tough run by doing POTD.


I'm working on making everyone extremely tanky with lots of recovery.  My main / watcher will be the primary DPS and I can just focus on 1 character and not have to worry / micro as much while the tanky characters are doing work.


Fighter/Paladin with high engagement along with a Herald for some diversity is also a great pick to just stay alive.

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