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Help : Dilemma : Ravager vs Marauder Single weapon build

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Hi everyone,


I restarted this game counltess of times to finally begin to touch what im looking for : a melee "crit" oriented build and let's say single weapon. (hit to crit conversion + high precision).


(bloodthrist, interrupting blows etc). Barbarian based. (surely Demon breastplate/zerker based (i  may be wrong but it would feel great).



My plan :


1)Doing a first potd+challenges run with companions to destroy mega bosses.


2) 2nd run solo potd and anything else that could be doable. (based on the success of N°1).


If you follow the mindset of this plan im hoping for my char to be self-sufficient the most he can.



My conclusions so far when i compare the two options i wish to play : 


Marauder :  Defensive/survivability (fun ?) + versatility  + there might be some subclasses combo i might be missing  ? (trickster).


-sneak attacks/ flank bonus damage,

-invisbility (so fun so versatile) + Escape skill early game &  lovely skill

- hard cc, all skills interrupt, gouging is insane (imo) ,

- "better defense" with persistant distraction + engage limit which stacks with barbarian's one stands alone

- Slippery mind passive helps & seems a good addition to Unflinching from barbarian

- dirty fighting 10% conversion hit to crit. (super important for a crit build)

- For dps, deep wounds + blood frenzy (does it stack??? to begin with and if it does it sounds pretty insane DOT damage, and on a main target in addtion to gouging it would melt pretty fast).


Conclusion : So it "looks" like it has better survivability, less proc but a better grind during the first 15 lvls & better control on how to deal/survive with the battlefield.



Ravager :  More crit oriented but how to survive ? (Same here any subclasses combo are welcome).


- Way more ressources with wounds, like a LOT more. (so versatiliy and cc and can still be compared to rogue here ? ).

- Speed in fights , Swift Flurry is very crit oriented so it fits to build

- Enervating blows (crit again)

- Heartbeat drumming (crit) .... demn thats two skills that gives free attacks....

- Stunning surge (crit)  ressource refound in addition to barbaric smash....

- iron wheel & dichotomous soul but it's pretty late game for defense.

- blade turning won't save the game vs ranged oriented fights even with high dex/int.


Conclusion :Less versatily to deal with the battlefield but obviously would fit more with crit side of the build and way more "proc" oriented. 



So PLEASE and PLEASE again how do i choose beetween those two :(


Am i missing some items combos, some min/max character creation ? Some flavor frome ideas here that could help me to make a choice....


Thats why i'm seeking the unlimited wisdom of the Veterans & tryhards of this forum to make a final choice to my journey to hell  :banghead:


PS : I don't want to hear about any chanter/something build i read too much about the same guy everywhere on almost every posts....


PS 2 : i'd like to not be TOO cheezy with my build  o:)



Thanks in advance for your help guys, i read tons of posts from you, and some people here are real helpers/geniuses of this game so you have already all my respect for any crazy ideas/suggestions you might have.


Regards, Malanir.


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