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Reactivity to PoE1 quest 'Blood Legacy'


Hello there good people. I hope this isn't too unwelcome when you all return after the holidays.


In my playthrough of the first Pillars of Eternity game, I cured Aelys of the Skaenite influence and sent her far away from her uncle. However, in Deadfire - during the first god roundtable conversation - Skaen remarked that I had delivered her to Lord Harond.


I've attached screenshots and emailed you the saved games with a link to this forum post. In the Deadfire saved game, you need only sail north until the cutscene triggers.


I did edit the first Pillars of Eternity save at one point, but it was only to change the Watcher's name. What can I say? I'm fickle. But I didn't touch any of the variables. I wouldn't know where to start.


You might have intended for Aelys to be captured regardless of the Watcher's intentions, which is grim, but fair, I guess. In which case, I wouldn't mind clarification.


EDIT: Why do I accidentally repeat myself so much? I have a brain like a tumble dryer.



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addendum: I've dug into the save file of Pillars of Eternity 1 using Eternity Keeper and discovered these.


I don't know if these will speed the process up or not, but I present them anyway. If the issue's with the first game, and not Deadfire, then I'm not above changing these numbers if need be.






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Hello again Luke!


Thanks for the help and the research put into this one!  I put another report together and added all the information you provided here and in the email for the Narrative and Area Designer teams to investigate.  If you discover anything else about this issue, please continue to post it here as I have linked this thread to the report to be used as a reference.


Thanks again Luke!

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