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Experiment: More hard counters

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Lamppost in Winter

Lamppost in Winter

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Coming off my caster synergy mod, I had the idea to introduce more opposing keywords. Very much an experiment at the moment, feedback is welcome.




So far I've thought:

Inspiration counters and is countered by Deception and Condemnation
Protection counters and is countered by Punishment
Deception counters and is countered by Inspiration and Echo
Shred and Decay counters and are countered by Restoration and Rejuvenation


I also thought that the Wizard schools could counter and be countered by their opposing schools (e.g., Evocation counters and is countered by Transmutation and Conjuration), but I'm not sure how much sense that makes (not that making sense is a huge focus). Also not sure every keyword necessarily needs a counter.


The idea is to have more countering in gameplay and add some utility to some underused keywords.


Problems I can see are that it would be a lot of work and not a great mod for compatibility since all the statuseffectids for these abilities would have to be edited (since they don't all have the keywords in there). I can see it also being annoying if effects are constantly be applied and un-applied because of keyword interactions. The enemy AI would also not be able to really utilise this to the same extent as the player since they're not programmed knowing about these.


What do we think? Cool idea, not cool? What keywords should interact with each other?

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