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Mod request (or instructions): give Arcane Archer "Imbue:"s pene etration scaling.

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As per title, I would like to either have someone make a mod or give me some help on how to accomplish giving the imbue spells scaling penetration values. I understand the basics of modding & have done a few custom ones for myself, but I'm kinda vague on how to get the imbue effects to have power level scaling.


First because IDK what to modify to change penetration scaling...


Second because I'm not sure how the Imbues actually function. By that I mean their tooltips & some of their results imply they seem to function by "independently" casting the appropriate wizard spell when they hit a target. The tooltips for the spells cast on hit don't show any effects from character stats & while some of the effects seem to scale with the caster I can't really tell what does or doesnt other than it seems the # of missiles for imbue: missiles do scale & the penetration for all of the imbue-cast spells do not. Ultimately I'm not sure if they're casting the original wizard spell & this stuff isn't scaling because AAs aren't wizards, if they're casting some kind of knock-off duplicates that should be scaling but aren't, or if the issue is intentional. Could be something else entirely, IDK.


Given that line of thought, I'm not sure I'm familiar enough with the chain of abilities->attacks->status effects to hunt this down properly.


Any advice would be welcome here.

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