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VTC official not firing Luca

Guest Psychovampiric Shield


Guest Psychovampiric Shield

So there is a quest about the VTC tricking some Huana ranga into ceding control of his tribe's island to the VTC upon his death. I, in turn, talked Luca into cancelling the contract on the spot (I have qualifiers off, but suspect this option/outcome requires some diplomacy), which if I recall correctly shoud lead to his dismissal from the VTC. However, VTC Official that appears in Luca's office later is just standing there, neither delivering his line nor firing Luca.




EDIT: I replayed  it from older save but this time I returned to witness Luca's dismissal immediately after turning in the quest, instead of going out to loot entire Queen's Berth, and then coming back for Luca, and Luca was fired.  Maybe something I did the first time around broke the official, but I fail to see what could be possibly related to the matter.


EDIT: Additionally, if I turn in the quest, go back inside to see Luca's dismissal, go out and approach Kalei, she will say "Come closer, Watcher", but when clicked on, instead of starting dialog, she will say just "Be seing you" and depart.


EDIT: Now I know. The problem appears to be the fact that one can use "wait" inside the VTC building, but day shift/night shift crew will not load correctly. So if the building closes while the party is still inside, waiting for opening hours (and Luca) will cause VTC Official to spawn, but will also break his script. Conversely, waiting for night will break guards and will make looting trivially easy.

Again, the game is intriguing, but god forbid players start poking something, because then glitchfest ensues. So annoying.

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Hello Psychovampiric,


Sorry about this bug and thank you for looking into it so much.  I put a report together with all the information you provided and sent it off to the Area Design team to investigate a bit further.  If you notice any more about this, please continue to post about it here as I have linked this thread to the report so the team can use this as a reference.


Thanks again for the help, and sorry for the inconvenience this bug has caused.

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I've noticed that there exists a bug like this. The Tawernu-related clerk outside the Embassy sometimes wont start talking. He just stands there. No current save.

I have narrowed it down a bit. I might be due to whether it is night or day when you first arrive in Neketaka (or pass the embassy).


Arriving at night means that the clerk wont trigger in daytime. 

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