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[BUG] Dorudugan - Terrain, Spells ... and some thoughts


Specs: Mac Pro mid 2010, High Sierra (10.12.6), 6-core Intel Xeon 3,46 GHz, 24GB RAM, Radeon RX 560 4GB

Save game file: Dorudugan (Group is ready for engage.)



1. Terrain


See screenshot: Dorudugan_terrainbug


The orange squares contain the normal blocked pathing. Big stones in the way, legit. And at first it works fine.

Over the course of the fight however for some reason the pathing got blocked far beyond the stones. (see red circle)

I often had trouble ordering my group through the upper terrain cause of it. They took longer routes around it and time is of the essence.

Reminded me a bit of the sudden path blocking I experienced with the Ooze mega boss. (See topic)



2. Spells - Visibility, hitbox and performance

Since I forgot the spell names I refer to them as Mortar and Volcano ^^


These two spells are AOEs and have quiet a big animation. But also they seem to have a slightly bigger hitbox than the animation indicates.

I had my people suddenly getting hit for no apparent reason, thinking they should've been safe. That was pretty frustrating.

The problem extends due to the angled view. Depending on where your group members stay the Mortar explosions can completely obscure the view making it even harder to react accordingly.


On top of that, these spells tend to slow down the game a lot. When the explosions go off the game is sorta slow-motion/laggy. We can always pause and give orders but its still an issue I think.


What I would like to see:

Smaller explosions (in height) to decrease obscured view. Or some see-through.

Re-checking hitboxes of both spells to match the animations.

Performance increase of explosions.



3. Fight - Tactics, randomness and duration


See screenshot: Dorudugan_tactics


I'm probably just bad at the game but it took me 3 1/2 hours to beat Dorudugan. No, not in total. Thats just ONE try. Don't ask me about the failed ones ...

Is it a mega boss just because it takes forever to beat it?  :huh:


The overall tactic seems to be: Outrange his abilities.

Being able to negate every single one of his spells just by going outside their range is the only way to deal with him.

This is due to the complete randomness of Mortar and Volcano. They appear everywhere (thats fine) but leave no free spot (thats not fine) and also suffer from the hitbox problem mentioned above.


Keeping that in mind, the only person taking damage EVER should be the tank.

Who can't take potions cause he gets interrupted nonstop though. Which is annoying. Even more so since interrupts destroy the flasks.

Fair to say that there are windows of opportunity to take them without harm but thats never when its actually needed.


With that tactic, while dealing low damage and burning everything I had, the fight was just tedious and it felt not very fun.

He randomly healed for 300 hp on self-crits (in my case it must be around 1500-1800 hp in total), which timed very fortunate for him especially when he was down to <5% life.


The first handful of tries (NOT using the tactic described above) took me around 1 to 2 hours each and then some random spell or a slight mistake brought a severe end to my attempts. It felt immensely punishing and frustrating. Not because I shouldn't fail and take multiple tries to achieve victory, but I failed after such a big time investment due to randomness.




Instead of finding ways to cheese the encounter there should be a fair chance of beating him face to face. Running out of his spell range feels not good and mutates the fight into a dance choreography that just takes too damn long in regards to the fact that nothing new happens over the course of the fight at some point.


In the end its a test of our endurance sitting in front of the screen moving people around the exact same paths and watching them do minimal damage for hours, while hoping that there will be no random situation happening that ruins all efforts.


What I would like to see:

Less clustered Volcano, with actual options to maneuver into safety spots.

A slight change of how Mortar and Volcano are cast, since if both spells get cast in a row it means probably just a party kill and thats a purely random component of frustration due to lack of counterplay. (Had that before.)

Maybe a slight reduction of interrupts by melee attacks.


(I might just be extremely bad at this game, so treat this slightly salty comment with caution ^^)

​(See the save game file if you want to inspect my party - I'm also open for tips and hints.)



4. The final moment ...


was underwhelming, to say the least.


After the final try and straight up 3 1/2 hours of fighting it just ... fell down on its back. I didn't even realized winning the fight at first and felt quiet empty inside afterwards.


What I would like to see:

Believe it or not, but an exploding head and a slow falling body with some extended creaking noises would've changed my perception and feelings a lot.



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