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[4.0.0] Vela actually doesn't get any kind of bonus leveling up

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Patch notes for 4.0.0 have this tidbit:



• Slightly increased Vela's base defenses and the health she gains per level during Hylea's Challenge.
EDIT: jeez, the forums ate everything I wrote after the quote.
Anyway, from playing 4.0, if anything Vela is much more fragile than before, seeming to put to lie what these patch notes say. Anecdotally, it seems like Vela was getting more resilient as I was leveling up. While she couldn't withstand dedicated punishment, I would actually see her go to Bloodied/Near Death, since she had enough health to actually take a few hits. Now, she seems to be one-shot by literally anything.
At first I thought my increased difficulty was simply that she wanders around now, meaning she is more likely to be in danger, but literally anything appears to one shot her now. It's such that if I don't have 100% withdraw uptime on her, I'm probably at 2/3 to 3/4 chance that the encounter will game over due to an out-of-nowhere incidental hit that will one shot vela. If anything, I don't think Vela is getting any or only marginal health, since I just did a test and whacked her for 24 damage, which put her at Near Death, which definitely feels way squishier than what she was at 3.1.1.
Keep in mind I'm in pretty much the same area as I was in 3.1.1 (BoW DLC). In 3.1.1 if a Frost Shade attacked her, or a rogue targeted her, I would actually have enough time to do something about it (because she could take a bit of punishment at level 15). But with 4.0, like I said, I basically need to have 100% withdraw uptime because if one rogue decides to Escape next to her and hit her, she's basically a goner before I can do anything.
Dropbox link to quicksave and (OS X) output log: https://www.dropbox....fryzc6XeWa?dl=0

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