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How To Save These Tutorials and Edit the HTML So It's Readable

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Like many of you, I too once suffered from Obsidiano-Interneta-Tutorialiosis.  Peardox and Bmac were creating the beginner's tutorials, and I was saving them desperately.  Fhav6x was breaking through barriers, and I couldn't wait to store this information until the day I get a russian mail-order bride smart enough to understand and teach me what it means.


But when you save the HTML in chrome....it just keeps spinning.

And when you save the complete webpage in Chrome.....there's a huge frickin' black box taking up half the screen the entire time!


Perhaps Obsidian is constantly making heroic tales because the real villain is haunting its own backyard....right in the heart of its saved HTML files.


Open up that mother truckin' HTML file in an editor like NotePad++ and search for


<div id="overlay" style="display: none;">


And delete it.







***************YOU WIN ****************

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