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PoE 1 and PoE 2 wizard question

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Hello dear community.

I am planning a double playthrough of PoE 1 and PoE 2. As PoE 2 has not been released on consoles yet, I have some questions.

I wanted to play a death godlike wizard. That would look and play very similarly in both games.


1. Is the character creation very different in PoE 2? In a sense that I want to have as close looking character in PoE 2 as in PoE 1. Meaning that if I choose the death godlike (I like the one with the red horns) will I be able to have the same look? (I tried looking online but I do not know how the death godlike presets look like and if they are very different from PoE 1)


2. The spell kalakoth minor blights is very effective with blast talent in PoE1, but it is implemented as a wand. Is it also possible to build a blast build in PoE2 and is the kalakoth spell also a wand? Or is it implemented like an actual orb of energy(like the description of the spell says)? The thing is that it is extremely effective in PoE 1 especially with combustive wounds, and I like to use it, but I would like to build without it, if its not in PoE2.


3. Are there some big differences in playstyle of wizards? Is it explained in the story that main character forgets everything? Or do you simply play as somebody else, not the watcher (with as little spoilers please)?

These questions might feel stupid, but I wanna have one cohesive playthrough of both games, which would be almost impossible if the character looks completely different and uses completely different spell mechanics.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has played both games and can answer. It is much appreciated.

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