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Anyone with deep knowledge of enchanting system?

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I'm not sure what you mean, could you be more specific? It's easy to use a weapon as a crafting ingredient for an enchantment, pretty much anything can be a crafting ingredient. I don't think you can make a system where you can make any item an ingredient for a crafting material that can be used in a recipe to upgrade any ither item, though. At least not easily

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I have some experience with items/enchanents. If you want it to be a system available to all magical items, then yeah it would be extensive. But it is possible.


You can basically use any item as an ingredient even if that item isn't technically an ingredient. So, you can create recipes that transform a magical items into another item (an enchanted hilt, for example) and then use that new item as an ingredient in another recipe.


The problem with "crafting" in the code is that it's not written to be flexible. The recipes need to include specific items to create specific items. In other words, you can't have variables for the ingredients. The system wouldn't be very flexible.


Another limitation would be the recipe output: you can only create a single item from a recipe (excepting duplicates of that specific items). So, a sword with multiple enchantments could only be broken down into a single enchanted item.


Does this sound right to those with more extensive knowledge?

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