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Built a NPC team based on trying to split equipment up between the group.  This is based on builds i have found.  Does this look good or would you make any changes.  I'm around lvl 10 and in White Marsh 1 on PoTD.


NPC Team 1


Barbarian MC - Tank Bittercut|Dragon's Maw Captain Viccilo's Anger|Little Savior  Company Captain's Cap Cloak of Comfort Blaidh Golan  Bracers of Deflection Gwyn's Band of Union Ring of Protection  Binding Rope Fenwalkers


Edér - Melee Shatterstar/ Godansthunyr Tall Grass  Sanguine Plate's Helm  Cape of the Master Mystic Sanguine Plate Gauntlets of Puissant Melee Iron Circle Ring of Protection Royal Deadfire Cannoneer  Shod-in-Faith


Pallegina - Hybrid Cladhalíath|Outworn Buckler  Lead Spitter N/A  Cloak of Minor Missiles Ryona's Breastplate  Ryona's Vambraces Ring of Deflection Ring of Protection Broad Belt of Power Boots of Zealous Command


Durance - Ranged Abydon's Hammer|Little Savior Gyrd Háewanes Sténes   Maegfolc Skull Mantle of the Excavator Wayfarer's Hide Bracers of Spiritual Power Ring of Thorns  Frigid Claim  Looped Rope   Boots of Stability


Greiving Mother - Ranged Stormcaller Twin Sting  Tempered Helm Talisman of the Unconquerable  Elryn's Jacket Archer's Gloves Ring of Thorns Bartender's Ring Arthek's Cord Fenwalkers


Aloth - Ranged Golden Gaze Engwithan Sceptre  Garodh's Chorus Cloak of the Frozen Hunt  Raiment of Wael's Eyes Gauntlets of Swift Action  Gathbin Family Signet  Bartender's Ring Belt of the Stelgaer Glanfathan Stalking Boots


(It really doesn't paste from excel very well)

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