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RIP Carl Sargent

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I dont know how relevant this is to here, but i felt obliged to post it somewhere.


I got into RPGs via gamebooks. When i was 10 years old, I got a copy of 'The Legend of Zagor', which was ghostwritten by Carl Sargent. It opened up a whole new world for me. My bookshelves still sag under the weight of all the Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf books I scavenged from charity shops. If it weren't for them, I probably wouldn't have got into Dungeons and Dragons and then CRPGs.


Many people out there are mourning Stan Lee. Fewer people are mourning Carl Sargent, but to this ageing kid, he made a huge difference. My copy of 'Night Dragon' might be the most well-thumbed paperback I own. I keep picking it up, even if only to look at Tony Hough's awesome illustrations.


I know that Sargent wrote for Shadowrun at some point, but I'm afraid I don't know the nature of his contributions. My knowledge on that franchise is a bit murky.


At the end of 'Night Dragon', you meet a cat who transforms into a golden dragon and flies you to the land of dreams. I like to think that's what he's experiencing now. RIP.

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He did work for TSR. For the general line he did DMGR4: Monster Mythology (statbook), Night Below: An Underdark Campaign (Adventure) and Tome of Magic (rulebook, one of many contributors).  Also he worked for some of the settings - Greyhawk: The City of Greyhawk (boxset, with Douglas Niles and Rik Rose), The Marklands (Sourcebook), Iuz the Evil (Sourcebook), The City of Skulls (Adventure), From the Ashes (setting), Five Shall Be One (Adventure); Mystara: King's Festival (Adventure), Queen's Harvest (Adventure), Gazeteer 13: The Shadow Elves (setting), Creature Crucible: Top Ballista (city & faction), Eye of Traldar (Adventure); Forgotten Realms: FOR1: Draconomicon,  (background, one of many contributors) and Amazing Engine: For Faerie, Queen and Country (core rulebook, with Karen Boomgarden and "Zeb" Cook)


For FASA he worked on Shadowrun:London Sourcebook (with Marc Gascoigne), Paranormal Animals of Europe monster manual (with Mike Colton and Tom Dowd), Celtic Double Cross (Adventure), Harlequin's Back (adventure, one of many contributors), Imago (Adventure), Prime Runners (character book, with Marc Gasciogne), Tir na nOg (setting, with Mark Gascoigne) and The Grimoire (rulebook, one of several contributors) and on Earthdawn: Denizens of Earthdawn v. 1 (setting, one of many contributors), Sky Point & Vivane (setting), Sky Point Adventures (Adventure with Chris McCubbin and Teeuwynn Woodruff),  Name-Giver's Compendium (setting, one of many contributors).   He also did the Shadowrun novels Black Madonna, Nosferatu and Streets of Blood and the Earthdawn novel Shroud of Madness (all with Marc Gascoigne)


For Games Workshop he worked on two properties. Warhammer: Castle Drachenfels (Adventure), Death's Dark Shadow (Adventure), Empire in Flames (Adventure), The Enemy Within: Power Behind the Throne (Adventure), Lichemaster (Adventure, with Rick Priestley), The Restless Dead (Adventure), Warhammer City (Setting, with Phil Gallagher),  and the Warhammer Companion and Plundered Vaults (as one of several contributors); Judge Dredd: Citi-Block (suplement)

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