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So, I'm RP'ing a pro-nature walkthrough (with 5 nature godlikes :D). I'm trying to compile a list of occasions where the player can choose to be pro-nature. I was surprised when the Spine of Thicket green opened new dialogue on Motare o Kozi, perhaps there are other items that do this as well (Wise Teeth Necklace).


1) Spare the druid near Port Maje (gives you the wise teeth necklace and some odd dialogue)

2) Quest Hunting Season; choose to side with druids.

3) Cure the Pwga in Motare o Kozi

4) Quest Broodmother's Fury: Spare the Lagufaeth broodmother, release the hatchlings

5) Spare the spore, receive Nature's blessing


I'm very curious to find out if there's some hidden ending to unlock.

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