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Question about "spellsteal"

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I'm trying to make an itemmod that steals spells from an enemy but when testing it it seems kind of inconsistent. There's a couple of things I just want to clarify:


1- it seems like the "spellsteal" status effect gets applied to an enemy, then as long as the status effect is active it can't be applied by anyone else- so multiple people couldn't steal spells from the same person


2- does it apply specifically to kith characters with the class wizard/druid/priest, or could it be used against creatures who can cast spells associated with those classes? I assume the former, but there's also skeleton mages and stuff I'm not sure it would apply to


3- can only casters actually steal spells? I think I've got a chanter and wizard to do it, maybe a druid. Priest doesn't seem to be able to though, or cipher

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From looking at the code, there isn't any built-in restriction on having multiple steals on the same target.  Maybe the stacking behavior on the status effect is set to one of the non-stacking values?


The effect should be able to steal any ability with the Spell UsageType and an AbilityClass. It doesn't matter what the class or race of the target enemy is, though in some cases enemies might have abilities that look like standard Wizard/Druid/Priest spells but are actually custom abilities that don't have their data set up like this.


It also doesn't matter what the class of the caster is, at least for the status effect's code. There may be other code that's hiding the stolen spells, maybe in the Ability Bar.

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You are the man BMac! I must have been testing with a bugged save or something, I tried the same test again with the same characters but a different save and it worked flawlessly. That's also how I found out the base game companions have vocalizations for abilities outside their class- imagine my surprise to hear Eder doing a wizard chant! Anyway thanks for the info :)

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