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Trouble accessing store


  • I'm on the steam (non-obsidian) version
  • Running in Windows 10 (if that matters)
  • PFID number does not appear in settings. It has two lines, "ver-1146-20180220" and "PFID-"
  • When I launch the game I get no welcome popup.
  • On the main screen, what is the text displayed in the blue box at the top is "Link Social Gaming Network"


There is no store icon on the main menu. Also, when pressing the light blue "store" button in the campaign select screen when I try to access "1" after finishing "B", nothing happens.


I have tried linking to an asmodee account I have made, and it does nothing when I press "ok" after giving email. Do I need to create an android account just to play this game on my pc? I have also tried deleting local content and then reinstalling in steam, still no luck.


I really enjoyed playing through the "B" campaign, and thought that the steam version also included the six adventure decks, does that correspond to campaigns 1-6?

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Yep... that is the problem. Normally the Steam version should recognice your Steam account Name and generate spesific pdif based on that. In Android it use google play account to generate pdif and in Apple play Center account. In your cache the game does not seems to get your Steam account Connected to your Pathfinder adventures game. Why that is happening is harder to say. In Android and Apple it normally helped to log in again to google play or play Center. Not sure how to make same reset in steam. Maybe you should log out from steal and log in again?

If that does not help contact support@obsidian.net Hopefully They can help you.

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