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[3.1] crash report and a few other bugs




Sending a crash report I had trying to enter the Gullet from Queens Berth, it was the exit near the Bardot manner.  Only happened once.


A few other issues I noticed:


- I had a series of 3 scripted interactions in Neketaka happen one after the other in a row trying to get from Queens Berth to the Brass Citadel - which is not really a bug just strange :)  They were in this order the preacher guy from Hosanago; some Principi selling a dog statue; and the fight where you kill the Skaldur and rescue the girl, and get the sword.


- Kalakoth's Minor Blights, when I was using the spell it kept getting jammed on the ice and electricity blights, happened almost every time I cast it, haven't tested to see if it is with every character, it was with Maia when she was casting it.  May test with a scroll and Serafan and will let you know.


- I experienced a little bit of characters getting stuck in combat with certain abilities but more an annoyance and only happened when I was reloading a few times


That's about it - mostly was playing Poko Kahora and some Neketaka, here is the crash report and a save game:





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“How do you 'accidentally' kill a nobleman in his own mansion?"

"With a knife in the chest. Or, rather, a pair of knives in the chest...”

The Final Empire, Mistborn Trilogy

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