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I am really stuck on some choices i have to make. About weapon layout and durganization in particular.


Still lots of quests to do, yet 300 h currently played. WM2 still to do, lots of side quests WM1 left, Caed Nua at 12.

No Dragons slayed yet. Bounties also a handfull left. 150 k cash.


My general preferences and conditions for gameplay:


- Melee is restricted to Warhammers and Swords, so i only need advice on those i will mention.


- I dont play with weapons which i dont like the look of, even if its a stronger weapon and in contradiction to above, for example: Godansthunyr Warhammer


- I am able to use potions of DAoM every encounter ! (important to know because i dont wanna waste any durgan steel or get recovery overkill so to speak)



My current lvl 15 custom party with weapon layout (all high INT and high MIG ):


Goldpact Paladin (MC, DW)

Strike Hard (warhammer) + Last Blade of the White Forge (sword) = both have 20% inherent speed-enchant


Fighter (Shield-melee)

Shatterstar (warhammer) + Old Gerun`s Wall (large shield)


Barbarian (2H)

Tidefall (greatsword)

later on, Abydon`s Hammer to switch in combat for the abilites when needed


Rogue (Warbow)

Borresaine (atm the only weapon i was sure = durganized !)


Priest (Warbow)

The Rain of Godagh Field (will NOT be durganized because Priest with that bow dont need that i think and i dont think i have ignots left then)


Wizard (mastered spells: slicken*, eldritch aim, expose vulnerabilities*, ninagauth`s shadowflame)

Rod of Pale Shades (blast-aoe on-crit stun/disorienting)

will switch in combat to soulbound Gyrd HS if melee stun is needed (Gref`s Authority)



2 of 12 durgan steel ignots were put into Borresaine, so 10 ingots left. If i would go 6x durganized armor and 1x shield, there would be 3 ignots left for weapons. Better to say, i have at least 3 ignots left for weapons.


The following weapons i consider my pool of weapons and would enchant any of those to full extend (superb/legendary, durganized) if someone could argue about usefullness in respect to above conditions and preferences.


Golden Gaze* vs Rod of Pale Shades for blast wizard ( no minor blights mastered or used!)


I am aware that it will do significant more damage than the Rod of Pale Shades because of the double blast, although the Rod of Pale Shades will come a bit closer if we count stun on-crit and disorienting. A further plus of the Golden Gaze* is the chance to cast expose vulnerabilities*.


But as you can read above, my wizard already mastered expose vulnerabilities*  (only % by Golden Gaze*) and i would like to stick with that approach as i have 2 bowmen and 3 meele companions.

In this case, i suggest that the Rod of Pale Shades comes even closer to be a real alternative weapon even if i have a single target stun weapon (Borresaine) and a single target disorienting weapon (Strike Hard).

My wizard allways attacks the enemy melee who are clusterd around my melees after he used his mastered spells. My rogue goes for the offstanding casters supported by my priest when he is done with his casting.


In general i would suggest that both rods would be high priority for durganization because of their chance/crit based effects.

My unexperienced conclusion: Golden Gaze is only more viable if i dont master expose vulnerabilities*?


The Hours of St. Rumbalt vs Tidefall for high INT/MIG sturdy barbarian


I read somewhere that the wounding effect from Tidefall is better with lower INT.

Also i have the feeling that the draining is not needed at all because of savage defiance and athletics or even lay on hands or potions, but it is faster in regard of no additional action needed.

But again, i have mastered slicken with my wizard, so thats that....... both The Hours of St. Rumbalt and slicken use prone


Conclusion: durganization for The Hours of St. Rumbalt seams more important than for Tidefall and more viable on a high INT barbarian in my case?

Would anyone drop mastered slicken in this case? Or would anyone prefer Tidefall because mastered slicken is available?



Worth durganizing?

I read somewhere that the enemies shift their target priority to a higher level towards an already engaged target.

Furthermore, the enemies have a higher target priority towards those members of your party who still got engagement limit capacity left.

Is anyone using those engagement-weapons at all in the late/endgame?

Is it reasonable to say: the more melee i have in party the less those engagement-weapons count?


Cat`s Claw

3 DR bypass.

Would anyone consider this weapon viable on a DW Paladin? Legendary, durganized of course.


Strike Hard & Last Blade of the White Forge DW

Both have 20% speed enchant inherent. As far as PoE Speed Calc is telling me, if i durganize both weapons for a DW Paladin and drink a poition of DAoM, i am at 0 recovery.

How much recovery is "wasted"? Read, is it worth durganizing those weapons at all if i plan to use poition of DAoM all time?




This game is a puzzle, especially if you have most of the good stuff gathered. Especially equippment and itemiziation because of those stacking rules become very complex. A good amount of time i just play around, switching items between chars, just not to waste anything to those rules. But thats where the brain goes like storm.

And thats what i like.


Thy for reading this wall of text :banghead:


Any suggestions are needed! :closed:

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