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3.02 item bugs




Contempt - 50% chance to attack enemy with random Affliction for 12 sec when critically hit in melee - tried many times - do not work



Contemepnt in Pain ability - description show ~8raw dmg, it deal around 4 dmg, tested at 5 random enemies - dmg is too low, it's probably bug



Outward Spikes 20% Chance on being missed by a Melee attack to strike back instantly - do not work, tested milion times


Citzal's Enchanted Armory

casting this spell prevent to cast any other weapon summon. When we cast lvl8 bow, we can cast lvl 5 lance and other summon normally. Casting lvl 9 armory make other weapon summon grey.


Any chance to fix this in the future ? For exapmle as far as i remember Tuotilo Palm ability is in this state from patch 1.0

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