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Flanking & Base Armor



Base Armor is the focus if this potential bug.


I can not account for the reason the base armor is lower by 2 points between two characters attacking a creature (specifically a Young Boar).


The Y. Boar with 5 AR (my main character): https://i.imgur.com/Wlc6Jj6.jpg


The Y. Boar with 3 BASE Armor (Eder): https://i.imgur.com/NlvAcMP.jpg


It's not because Flanking because that's accounted for. So is this a bug or is there a hidden mechanic happening I'm not aware of (or obscure)?


Edit: perhaps a positioning mechanic (Eder) that causes a creature to have -2 to the base of the creature Armor? And if so shouldn't the creature have +5 Hide, -2 Positioning (Eder), -1 Flanking, +2 Path of the Damned.

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Guest Psychovampiric Shield

Boar has 5 + 2 armor against all attacks except for slashing or corrode, and Eder has sabre (slashing), therefore he is taking advantage of that. While your watcher has war hammer (pierce/crush).


EDIT: turn on Difficulty -> Show relative defenses, if you are confused, this is very important game mechanics.

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