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Crash after levelling up Xoti




  • My party reached level 5 and I was leveling up my characters.
    • I started with my own character
    • Then Aloth
    • Then Xoti -- the game crashed when I pressed the final "Next" to confirm
  • I have just docked my ship into Port Maje, I was disembarking to go buy supplies and crew
  • I have an nVidia card but have applied the recommended settings to avoid crashes, i.e. set the frame rate to 60 and enable V-Sync.

I have attached the crash log. Hope this helps!



Best regards


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Hello again hbCyber,


I'm sorry you ran into another crash.  I have taken the information you provided, put it in a bug report, and sent it to the QA and Programming teams for investigation.  If you happen to discover anything else about crashing during level up, please let me know and I will forward the information to the programmers so they can use that information during their investigation.


Thanks again for the help and sorry for the crash bugs you've run into.

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