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After patch 2.1



Having higher intellect no longer penalizes effects that apply over time.


This change mainly affect four spell : cipher's Disintegration, druid's Taste of The Hunt, priest's Cleaning Flame and wizard's Combusting Wounds. After this patch we won't get a lower damage(every 3s) when we have higher INT, and Graze/Crit won't increase/decrease the damage(every 3s). Now higher INT increase the whole damage for these four spells.


However, when I test these spells I found a new issue(bug?). The damage bonus(from STR/food/buff,except pl) of the four spells becomes extreamely low. I did some research and dicovered the exact formula:


For other DoT spells: final_dmg = base_dmg * [ 1 + pl_bonus ] * [ 1 + other_bonus ].


For these four spells: final_dmg = base_dmg * [ 1 + pl_bonus ] * [ 1 + other_bonus / ( base_duration / 3 ) ].


For example,the base damage(every 3s) of Disintegration is 240 / (15/3) = 48. If I have 20% bonus from pl and 20% bonus from food, the damage(every 3s) should be 48*1.2*1.2 = 69.12, but the actual damage in game is 48*1.2*[1+0.2/(15/3)] = 59.904.


So only the pl_bonus works well for these four spells, bonus from other source bugged. The extent of the negative impact is decided by the spell's base duration. Higher base duration results in lower bonus.


But,why only these four spells ? I checked the "statuseffects.gamedatebundle" and found that their "ApplicationType" are all "ApplyOverTime",which is the same type as POE1. Meanwhile,other dot spell whose "ApplicationType" is "ApplyOverTime" in POE1 now has a new "ApplicationType" : "ApplyOnTick" in POE2. Why these four special ? They work nearly the same as other DoT spells and should have the normal damage bonus from pl & other sources. So I simplely speculate that the dev forgot to change it when they transplant them from POE1 to POE2.



Fighter's Unbending, Ranger's Wounding Shot, Rouge's Deep Wounds, Blightheart's Heartbeat health are also "ApplyOverTime", but their dot damage/dot health were originally designed not to benefit from pl & other bonus so there is no bug in them.



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