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encounter party composition

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I was playing a custom party with the following classes:


Paladin ( MC )







I would like to know which classes could replace Priest and Wizard best in regard to minimize rest.


Furthermore i dont want a class multiple times and the new ones must be ranged.


I think i can exclude Monk and Ranger.


So which 2 classes you would take to "replace" a Wizard and a Priest?











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Druids have a 'spells-per-rest' mechanism very similar to Wizards and Priests. Abilities of Ciphers and Chanters can be used every encounter without resting, so you could consider those.


Every party composition is viable but Priests are the only class that have spells against debuffs such as charmed, paralyzed and dominated that some higher-level opponents seem to love and that can make fights really difficult. Another way of dealing with those debuffs would be to create scrolls against them but the character(s) using them would need to have high lore. Something to keep in mind maybe.



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I think for wizard a cipher could potientially replace it. Cipher has lots of nice CC options. For priest Druid has nice heals and armor buffs / Chanter has choices for buffs to stats and protections for armor and enemy debuffs but cant cast right away like priest. However, if you remove your priest make sure to have at least one or more characters with good lore skill since you can create prayer scrolls to counter enemy debuffs. These prayer against scrolls are basically the priest spells that do the same protection from stuff. 

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