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utility talent "shot on the run"

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Very difficult to find any in depth explanation for this talent.




Under which circumstances does the utility talent "SHOT ON THE RUN" help me with my ranged rogue using a bow?


Sometimes i have to move some steps to reach another target at distance. Is this the case in which this talent will get me a benifit?

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Huh, wrong forum, I think - unless some power feat in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game bears this name. Based on the description in the Pathfinder wiki d20PFSRD, it allows you to move, attack, move (total movement within your speed). The only advantage I think of is that you can run from cover to cover and shoot in-between.

Normally, you have 1 standard and 1 move action in one turn. So either you move out of cover (1 move action) and then shoot without cover until the next turn, or you started your turn without cover, attacked and then moved. This allows you to move, attack and move again, possibly to cover or something else. Similar to Spring Attack? I do not know if it is useful, I'm only playing a clumsy melee cleric in AD&D 3.5...

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