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critical defense and mental fortress

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Sorry for my rusty english


I have some specific questions about some mechanics, although i could imagine how i could try to test myself via log eventually. Nevertheless...


1. I read somewhere that CHARM / CONFUSE / DOMINATE abilities/spells are only defended by WILL in

    some cases! Otherwise by DEFLECTION !


    So if i would take the talent  "BULLS WILL" ( +10 WILL ), i would not getting any help out of it in case those

    effects written above would come upon me and go against DEFLECTION instead.


    But if i would take "MENTAL FORTESS", i would imagine to get ALLWAYS a +10 defense against those nasty

    effects, no matter if it is against WILL or DEFLECTION. Right or wrong?


    So if i want a slightly better defense against exactly those "out of control" attacks, wouldnt be

    "MENTAL FORTESS" the better choice then?



2. Is the fighter talent "CRITICAL DEFENSE" working against ALL attack rolls?

    ( spells, abilities, autoattack, just all )


    If it works against ALL attack rolls, and not only the physical/DEFLECTION type of attacks one could asume,

    would it be a better or at least comparable defense against CHARM / CONFUSE / DOMINATE etc than

    "MENTAL FORTESS" for example?



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1. Re Bull's Will vs Mental Fortress.  Will defends against a much broader palette of detrimental effects and spells than Mental Fortress, even though Charmed, Confused, and Dominated may be viewed as generally the "worst".  So, if it is a flat choice between Bull's Will & Mental Fortress, take Bull's Will.

- caveat:  Will per se, after being generally raised by Bull's Will, is subject to being diminished for a time by certain afflictions or spell effects.  A direct Defense booster, such as Mental Fortress, or Spellward Amulet, is always undiminished in effect.  But still, in the broad scheme of unpredictable events, Bull's Will is probably somewhat superior.

- 2nd caveat:  Confused, Charmed, Dominated ARE pretty nasty, and essentially game-enders for a solo.  Consider taking both Talents, if you have the slots.


BTW, I fully built my current PC and Compainion's ((this is my favorite all-time typo; not correcting it!)) before I realized this, and I focused on Mental Fortress as a "must have".  I keep telling myself I need to respec.


2. Re Critical Defense.  Yes, it effects everything.  And that counts as a REALLY GREAT thing!

However, I would judge that it is NEVER better than Mental Fortress or Bull's Will against the 3 afflictions you seem particularly concerned about.  This is because, if you will note, Critical Defense never causes a MISS.  Relative to Confused, Charmed, Dominated, it apparently only diminishes duration, not likelihood of some effect.



BTW, there are very few, if any, circumstances where Confused, Charmed, Dominated are defended against by Deflection, unless the affliction is being imposed by the strike of a physical weapon.  Even then, there is likely to be a separate Will check for the specific mental effect.

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Mind control when solo is harmless because enemies will stop attacking you when you flip sides. However I agree that Will is a better investment because it helps also against damaging spells/attacks (also there are many items/consumables which help against CC). 

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Listen to Kaylon. 


"Warlock" is a mis-label.  He is an Arch-Mage of the forum, he just doesn't post as frequently as some of us blabbers..

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