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The Modeling and Tabletop Wargaming Thread

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Or the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop thread.


As of late been prepping my Harlequin army for my local Games Workshop's "Armies on Parade" 


Harlequin Troupe Master with Power Sword and Shuriken Pistol (weapons currently magnetised):





The old 4th Edition Shadowseer (yet to be properly based):



My kitbashed Solitaire (followed by one of my favourite extracts from the lore relevant to the model):











“Lord Kraegax tore out his enemy’s spine in a spray of blood, prising it free of its owner to the sound of ripping meat. Licking coppery wetness from his lips with a forked tongue, the Black Legionnaire hurled aside the ragged thing that had once been a man and looked out across the ruins of Hive Vidrox. Everywhere the ground was littered with the mangled corpses of human soldiers and the burning remains of their pathetic defences - the Warmaster would be pleased.
Something flickered in the corner of Kraegax’s vision, and he whirled around with a speed that belied his massive size. Catching a glimpse of crimson and blue, the Chaos Space Marine sent a burst of combi-bolter fire hammering into the shadows. Nothing. Peering into the darkness Kraegax searches for his quarry, growling an order to his retinue. The hulking warriors closed in around their lord, heavy guns levelled into the smouldering ruins. Bursts of fire rang out as first one, then another Black Legionnairre fired at the half-seen shape - yet even there superhuman reflexes were not fast enough to hit it.
Suddenly, a burst of multi-coloured light erupted from the ruined hub like prismatic lightning. With a guttural command Kraegax ordered them to fire. As one, a dozen bolsters roared to life. The ground around the apparition exploded into showers of dust and stone shards. Kraegax watched in rage, as, like smoke caught upon the wind, his foe tumbled through thundering storms of fire unharmed.
Closing the distance between the ruins and the Black Legionnaires in a matter of seconds, the figure landed with impossible grace in front of Vorgek, one of Kraegax’s Chosen. Vorgek was a battle-scarred veteran of the Long War, with the blood of countless foes upon his clawed hands. But before this strange foe he was as a novice fresh from training. Even as Vorgek raised his bolter the figure batted it aside just enough to slip under the Chaos Space Marine’s reach and plant a delicate finger upon Vorgek’s neck. Kraegax saw the tiniest glint of something fire out from the figure’s wrist and slip through Vorgek’s flesh. Blood erupted from every joint of the Chosen’s power armour and Vorgek collapsed.
Screaming a challenge, Kraegax charged toward the figure, only to be enveloped by a blur of light and sound. Ripping, popping and gurgling filled his ears as he felt bitter, warm blood splash across his face. Blinking away the cloying darkness before his eyes, Kraegax screamed out again for his cowardly foe to stand and face him. Then the Chaos Lord heard another sound. Applause.
Kraegax looked up to see the Solitaire standing beside the tangled remains of his Chosen, each one a leaking suit of power armour awash with their own blood. In a show of outrageous condescension, the Solitaire was clapping slowly, goading Kraegax into a fury. With a growl of anger, Kraegax went to raise his combi-bolter and end the arrogant xenos. Only as he did so, his arm tore free of his body and a crimson web spread out across his chest. Kraegax’s last sight, before he literally fell apart, was the Solitaire taking her bow.”

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