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Can Someone Build Me a PoE1 Save?

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Hey guys, 


So, this is a bit of a weird ask, but hear me out. 


I would really like an opportunity to challenge the Adra Dragon and Llengrath/Bog Dragon encounters in PoE1 before I say that I've defeated them in PoE2. It just kind of feels fair that way, you know? That said, I don't exactly want to play through the whole game AGAIN for that, since I resolved both encounters peacefully in my main save. Which is where you all come in. 


I'd like to see if someone could make a PoE1 save for me that has a Watcher at max level (Paladin or Fighter, specced as a tank), with a full inventory and enough gold to hire a full party of companions. I want achievements enabled, and no cheats - basically, tackling both encounters at the power level that I would have in my main save without going through all the trouble of acquiring everything again. 


Is this kind of save creation even possible? 

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