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Soul Whip damage bonus missing for Ciphers




Initially I thought it was just my Cipher that was missing the ability's extra damge (and the particle effects) but later I realized, while fighting another Cipher that it may be affecting other character's in the game.


As I first said I don't get neither the damage bonus nor the particle effect. I can still gain focus from my attacks but that's it. I've checked and it's not that I am with my focus at maximum since this can happen from the begining of the battle.


I've tried some things to solve this problem like: removing all my items, attackingwith diffeent weapons, uninstaling and reinstaling the game, removing my soul whip related perks (biting whip and draining whip) trough console commands, removing those perks trough a respec and etc. That last one did brought back the particle effect but not the damage nor did it last very long since after I reload a save the effect was gone again.



I can't say much of nothing in here since I'm not sure when the issue started.



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This I noticed.

This only happens when you reload a save game. even on my games the glow effect is there but seldom. there was a patch that messed this one up but I am not sure which one.

and also I mostly see the glow on weapons which inflict slash damage(sabres, swords, daggers). but its a known bug and it really removes the unique appearanc of the cipher.


what I did is that I exit the game, open steam, verify the game, play the game, reload the save game and there all the effects are back.

but if you reload a save game, its gone

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