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[Class Build] One-eyed Jack: dual wield melee/ranged ghost heart/soulbade

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One-eyed Jack





With the catastrophe of the White March averted, the goodly ranger Jack looked forward to some peace and quiet in his secluded keep. Having battled cult assassins, killer constructs, and demi-liches, protecting his land from local bandits alongside his trusted wolf companion made for an easy and enjoyable living. That simple life came swiftly to an end when, of all things, a god exploded out of the ground in the middle of the keep, laying waste to everything in his path. Through Berath's intervention, the watcher survived and is commissioned to track down the rogue god.    


Sadly, the watcher's  loyal  companion could not be saved. Instead of returning to the wheel, though, the animal's spirit clung stubbornly to the In-between, determined to answer his master's call in times of need. After taking a lagufaeth dart in the eye, the watcher now favors the blade. Jack can still do some damage with the blunderbluss, and is pretty handy with the pistol. He does pull a bit to the left, but he makes up for it with his quick reload. Strangely, the watcher found that his return to life rewired the pathways of his brain, granting him access to powers he did not know existed.             


Seer (cipher/ranger)

Versatile striker melee and ranged build, dual-wielding melee and ranged weapons with crowd control capabilities

  • Game Version - 1.2
  • Difficulty - veteran, up-scaled critical path
  • Race: Wooden Elf
  • Class - (Ranger) Ghost Heart / (Cipher) soulblade     
  • Companion - wolf 

Blessings: start level 4 (speeds things up a bit), 5000, double skills, fine weapons



  • Might - 12
  • Constitution - 10
  • Dexterity - 14 (deadfire)
  • Perception - 16 
  • Intellect - 14
  • Resolve - 10 


  • Athletics
  • Arcana  
  • Stealth
  • Intimidate 


  • Whispers of Treason + Marked Prey  
  • Wounding shot 
  • Merciless companion
  • Biting Whip  + vicious companion
  • Gunner 
  • Two weapon style  
  • Psychovampiric shield + evasive roll
  • Ectopsychic Echo  
  • marked for the hunt
  • Silent Scream + predator’s link
  • Hobbling shot
  • Take down

plan to take these

  • Borrowed instincts + evasive shot
  • Driving flight
  • Tactical Meld or ringleader
  • Amplified wave + Survival of the Fittest 
  • Takedown combo
  • Binding roots
  • The Complete Self (CL19) + Superior Camouflage (HL19)
  • Thorny roots


  • Pet: Abracham 
  • Weapon 1: Scordeo's edge  + Scordeo's Trophy
    • early game whatever 1 handed you prefer with speed enchantment. Talking sword and griffin’s blade are great. I really like  stalker’s patience
    • You can get scrod’s trophy pretty early, but you can rush the thundercrack pistol at the Polo Kohara ruins after leaving Port Maje. I started with the level 4 blessing so was at level 7 I think. It was a challenge but doable. 
  • Weapon 2: kitchen stove + thundercrack pistol for AOE options and quick focus fill
  • Armor: casita samelia’s legacy
  • Head: acina’s tricorn  
  • Ring: Ring of the Marksman + cameleon’s ring or entonia signet ring
  • Footprints: whatever, using boots of the stone
  • Cloak: cape of Greater Deflection 
  • Gloves: I like gate crashers
  • Belt: undying burden
  • Amulet: Strand of favor or baubles of the fin


1st build attempt...Definitely not optimized nor a power build so not for face tanking everything. I’m a fan of the melee ranger and wanted to dual melee and ranged. This seemed like a good choice without losing out on too many full attack powers. Summon pet works really well as shield, or you can drop behind a target and cast ecto. Against squishy backlines damage was great. I usually hang back to fire off a few, self buff or cc cipher spells, and then finish off melee/soul annihilation. You can also use scrolls for more AOE attacks so pretty versatile. 


Built for veteran and group play but probably can do POTD, although needs babysitting in lower levels. Not sure about solo. Meant to finish before posting but may not have time to so just wanted to share. Got to level 12 and has been pretty fun and haven't felt the need to re-roll. Back story makes sense too. Feel free to leave any feedback!

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