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Loren Tyr

Whiteleaf bug: effect doesn't fully end


I was experimenting a bit with a Nalpazca monk, and discovered that the Whiteleaf drug effect never fully expires. The main bonus of it does, but it seems that the concentration effect that periodically renews does not.


Attached is a screenshot, as show I have both the Whiteleaf drug crash and the Whiteleaf concentration effect simultaneously. I also have Burden of the Soul debuff, though not Burden of the Body; still have Gift of Meditation active instead. 


I have experimented a bit to figure out more details. When using another drug the Whiteleaf does properly go away entirely (also when resting), and when that second drug expires there is just the drug crash for that drug and nothing else out of the ordinary. Taking Whiteleaf again also works correctly, until it expires again (it also doesn't seem to matter whether it expires inside or outside of combat). 


I've also noticed that when combat ends, the currently active Concentration gets cancelled, and my character correctly gets just the Whiteleaf drug crash and both Burden of the Body and of the Soul (no Gift of Meditation). Then a few seconds later I get a new Whiteleaf Concentration, and the situation is again as in the screenshot. It seems that the component of Whiteleaf that periodically refreshes the Concentration doesn't get removed when Whiteleaf duration ends (but does go away upon rest or when using another drug). 


It's also not specific to Nalpazca monk by the way; giving Eder some and letting it expire also results in him having drug crash and concentration effect simultaneously.


Anyway, that sums it up I think. I'm on the latest version in the beta. Also did a Steam file verification and tested again on an earlier save, but that doesn't change anything. I also noticed that when you first take Whiteleaf, the stat bonuses and concentration are combined in a single entry / icon on the character. But if the Whiteleaf expires and I get a separate Whiteleaf concentration effect and drug crash effect, if I then take more Whiteleaf the concentration and the stat bonuses each have their own entry / icon. 


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