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Crash during loading screen - Neketaka to Gullen(may contain spoilers)





My name is Daniël, this is my first post on this forum. Played PoE1 and backed PoE2


And i have a crash report

I continued the game and started at


- What kind of things i did before.

I was in Neketaka - Queens berth in front of the wild mare. Gave aloth the thaos hat and some sword with a skull on it. i also gave

Then i went to the ally and the docks to fight of some enemies (those flying creatures) Then i wanted to go the the Gullem though east side, it started loading and the it crashed






Laptop satalite p50 c

windows 10 latest update

Nvdia 930M



I am posting this so it can be fixed and that lesser people expierance this problem


Sorry for my lack of english.


- Kinds regards


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