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[] Adventures award too much exp



I know this won't be fixed now that PoE2 is out. Still...


Adventures award more exp then intended (I think).


The formula for exp rewards from adventures is as of now


(Exp earned by PC)*((0.75 not-in-party-penalty)+(0.75 not-in-party-penalty)+(%Exp for adventure type))


This is about 150% and more of the PC exp. The reason why the 0.75 is applied two times can be found under

public class StrongholdAdventure

public void Finish(Stronghold stronghold)


                int num2 = this.DeferredXP * (num + StrongholdAdventure.PercentXPFromPlayer) / 100;
                component.Experience += num2;


I think the "+= num2" must be "== num2" so that the 0.75 not-in-party-penalty is applied once.




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I have been poking a little with eternitykeeper and it seems the overload exp comes from the code line


  int num2 = this.DeferredXP * (num + StrongholdAdventure.PercentXPFromPlayer) / 100;


The "+ StrongholdAdventure.PercentXPFromPlayer" is responsible for the second (0.75 not-in-party-penalty) and the overload exp.

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