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Why anyone from developers dont give a answer on streams about gemepads support?



Hello! The question is:  Why developers ignores the questions about gamepad support in Pillars 2. We live in century when developers protect fenimism, gays and other sh*t. But they dont give a **** about people who have lacks in healh (invalids) from the birth like me. I cant use a mouse+keyboard, but i can use a gamepad, which the game does not support in 2018. Are you kidding a people like us..... We want to play Pillars in 60 fps, and normal loading time, using a gamepad. Is it too difficult to you? To add a simple circle menu in game? Like in pillars on ps4.   I play pillars on ps4. Brilliant game. But it was worst experience in my live ever, because of optimisation. The game has low fps, which provide laks in animation, the loadings  between levels take several minutes. I wont buy the second pillars on ps4 because of it. A people (invalids) like  me want to play on PC using a gemepad, dont ignore us pls......

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