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BUG (1.2.0) Paladins Reviving/Haste Exhortations & Self Immolation



Hey Obsidian


There is a huge wave of sentiment across the forums that there are currently 3 skill trees for the Paladin that are either broken or simply not usable. Three skill trees on one class is alot and this is having a huge impact on the Paladin class as a whole. 



1. Hastening exortation is a high level ability that only gives +5 dex bonus. This is useless. The wizards haste recently got an extra +15% action speed can you please update the paladins haste to do the same


2. Reviving Exhortation is instantly killing the person who was revived after 15 seconds. I think there is a bug there in the way the health is worked out for both the revival gain and the penalty that is applied after 15 seconds. Currently this ability is very misleading because you are only temporarily reviving the character.

3. Self Immolation   is infliciting huge damage on the paladin and everyone on these forums has agreed the ability is useless. Even if you stack relfex defense as mych as possible it is not worth using this ability. Please fix as it is absolutely 100% broken.


These three issues have put the Paladin in a broken state. Can you please make this a priority to fix as having a class in this amount of ruin is not cool.


Note.  I posted this before but forgot to put BUG in the title so i think its getting missed



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