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Berath/Skain Priest + Brotherhood of the Five Suns Paladin (Missile Templar)

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It's probably an unintended bug and searching about it didn't find anything, but I found out if you selected Priest of Berath or Skaen as your 1st class and then choose Paladin as your 2nd class, the next screen will pop up showing the limited Paladin options, BUT Brotherhood of the Five Suns (Pallegina's order) is selected for your character even though it is not displayed as a selectable option. You'll be able to complete the character creation, but you won't get the free sworn enemy ability as the text states.


I've just recently bought the game this week and have not really made it too far in Deadfire so I can't really tell you much about any interesting story interactions or gear synergies with the combo, but knowing how much people loved tweaking Pallegina as a missile-din in POE1 I thought I would share this.  Now you can create your very own paladin missile squad or walk around as a Watcher with a "unique" disposition lore-wise.

Filthy Chanter Main  :dragon:   :skull:  :skull:  :skull:  -_-

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