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Bug Quest





I play in spanish so I don't really know which are the names of the quests in english, I will try to explain myself as best as I can.




There is a quest that you have to go to a fortress in the middle of the sea where they sell slaves (SPOILER ALERT!).


When you arrive to the island you meet a NPC that asks you to rescue some prisoners that are inside the fortress.


You have several options to go into the fortress, but after watching "True lies" so many times when I was a kid, I learnt that you always have to go by the main door. The ogre keeper, with only looking at me, knew that I was someone important, and invited me to go in. I acted like I was interested in all the slavery stuff, actually I even bought a slave (my blue fella didn't enjoy the situation), and then, when I had to pay the price, I asked to the nice slave merchant for her leader, so she let me go in without problems.


The leader started to tell me a lot of nonsense, gave me a headacke and I killed him without mercy, after all I wasn't going to support such matters.

The current quest that asked me to kill him or join him, updated to something like "you decided to kill him but you didn't save the prisoners".

I decided to save them after all, and once I found them, they gave me the option to help me to clear the fortress or to wait until I do it.


Issue 1: I told them to wait, and then I killed every single ogre, kith or even barril that I found on my way. At this moment there were 3 friendly NPCs at the fortress (the slave that I bought at the fortress square and a merchant, and the NPC that asked me to save the prisoners at the beach). After clearing the whole castle, I went back to the prisoners to tell them that they could scape, but the dialog option shown was the same I had before clearing the fortress (something like: "ok, now you can get out and help me to slutter everyone")


Issue 2: When I went upstairs, to the main square, the whole castle was full of new dead bodies that I could loot again (I thought I had loot them before, but... what the hell... free bar!)


Issue 3: At this moment the NPC that asked me to save the prisoners wasn't there anymore (oh oh, I don't remember what was the reward for saving those guys, but I'm sure it was something fancy). The prisoners (now saved) weren't there either (I don't know if they were supposed to).


Issue 4: The main quest that made me go there still shows "you didn't save the prisoners" (I put my life in danger and still, I will be remembered as a coward)




So... after all... that part of the story didn't go anywhere.




Sorry If I had too many mistakes, I'm not good writing in english.



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Hi maqjav,


Thanks for posting your issues about the quest "Clearing Out Crookspur". I'll have our developers look into the dialogue options with Bauha after killing all of the slavers in the fort as well as the quest journal updates regarding saving the prisoners.

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Maqjav, thank you for bringing this up to our attention.


I wanted to say that, yes, the translation of the journal in that specific phrase you mention isn't ideal. That said, the quest is working as it should. Seafol leaves with the prisoners once you free them. If you return to Aeldys then she'll let you know that the prisoners made it safely and then she rewards you



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