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[Bug/Oversight][Expert Mode] Quest-relevant companion recommendation in journal



You probably meant well with the added "companion(s) to bring along for certain quests"-recommendation in the journal - but shouldn't this be disabled on Expert Mode?


Similar to the earlier reported issue in regards to qualifiers still showing during CYOA scripted interactions despite having Expert Mode enabled it's the companion recommendation meta-information that's directly going against the whole point of Expert Mode this time.


With the companion recommendation still showing players can't exactly "rely on their own faculties and intuition" now, can they?

If the appropriate option ("Show Companion Recommendation") to tick/untick in the Expert Mode section of the Difficulty options would be too much to ask for - having the recommended companion hidden except when the cursor is placed over the little circular frame (similar to how the quest difficulty is revealed with the opened book icon) would be an acceptable alternative I think.


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