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Qara does not a appear in the Sunken Flagon



After the cutscene, where you met Qara for the first time in front of the Sunken Flagon, Qara seems to not properly transit to the Flagon afterwards. When i enter the Flagon, Qara is selectable in the companions menu though, but she isn't there, and when i select her while leaving the room, she desn't load outside the bar either, not even her character screen. Its even worse, when i than go back to the Sunken Flago, she even disappeared from the companions menu.



What i tried so far:

  • loading all my previous save games and prevent my other companions from summoning their spirit animals
  • searching all my save files for the Qara.ros file, but it isnt there
  • experimenting with deleting some other .ros files from saves and than load
  • finding an alternative Qara.ros file via the internet

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I really enjoyed the game so far and it would be pity, if i have to play the rest of the game with a hole character missing ... also i'm not sure i will be able to technically finish the game with a character missing.

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