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Is My PoE1 Save Import Too "All Over the Place"?

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So, one of my biggest problems with games like this is the roleplaying aspect. Because of the way I view quests (With each one as its own little adventure, with quest chains being bigger mini-campaigns within the main game), I tend to worry that my decisions don't come off as internally consistent, especially since, with the save editor, a lot of the context behind each decision is removed. For example, killing the Adra Dragon vs sparing the Sky Dragon and sharing knowledge with Llengrath. All three Dragon encounters, completely different contexts behind them. I've included the decisions I made for my current background here. Basically, do these all seem internally consistent to you guys? Does it make sense for a character to make all of these decisions, or are these too inconsistent? 


The inspiration for this character is traditional Irish folk heroes, many of whom are noted for their passionate attitudes and varying temperaments. While ultimately heroic in regards to monster vanquishing and world-saving, these men weren't always particularly kind or benevolent. 


1. Hollowborn Crisis: 

- Distributed the Soul Essence to the Dyrwood/Pledged to Galawain. Galawain, Magran, and Abydon are definitely my favorite triumvirate of gods in the game. I love Galawain specifically because his domain of 'the hunt' appeals to both warriors and scholars, which is fitting for this sort of character.

- Imprisoned Thaos's Soul

- Devoured Maerwald's Soul

- Supported animancy

- Supported the Doemenels: This is a little weird of a choice


2. Companions: 

- Strengthened Eder's skepticism

- Aloth became anti-Leaden Key and accepted Iselmyr 

- Kana became an explorer 

- Pallegina disobeyed her orders

- Durance was told the truth about Magran (Kind of goes against my support of those three, I suppose)

- Sagani told Persoq about Massuk (So that she has spiffy new clothes if we see her in Beast of Winter) 

- Hiravias was pushed toward Galawain

- Grieving Mother didn't have her memories wiped

- Devil of Caroc killed Harmke (Primarily because I don't need the breastplate for this character)

- Zahua formed a new monastic order

- Maneha had the memories of her past lives erased


3. White March:

- Souls remained bound to the White Forge (For the cannon)

- Eyeless went to work restoring Abydon

- Adaryc survived and helped against the Eyeless

- Concelhaut and most of his apprentices died, but one survived

- Shared knowledge with Llengrath


4. Gilded Vale:

- Killed Raedric

- Re-killed Raedric

- Drove Wirtan out of town

- Gave Aufra the potion and told her it would work. 


5. Od Nua: 

- Reforged the blade

- Killed the Master Below and didn't learn Scale-Breaker


6. Defiance Bay: 

- Verzanno died/Danna lived

- Lilith lived

- Caedman Azo lived

- Absorbed the souls from the machine

- Gave Nedyn the Theorems

- Hid the Parable of Wael

- Infiltrated the Leaden Key deceptively

- Killed Nyrid, but Purnisc remained a svef dealer

- Wiped Aelys's mind and let her go, killed the Skaenites

- Reminded Fyrga of Magran's Trials


7. Twin Elms

- Took the baby, killed Simoc

- Killed Rehstin, convinced the other one to kill herself

- Allowed the Pale Elves to cross through the breach

- Let the sky dragon stay and convinced Hylea to let her stay



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Reminds me a lot of mine, except for some minor points. Seems alright. But since you asked-


Caedman Azo is kind of a jerk, and attacks you unless you specifically avoid him, or promise not to tell on him. I found these terms unsuitable.

Lillith is an undead monster. Also a very hard fight. 


If you're a fan of Abydon, the Crucible Knights are the obvious choice, but no one says you have to play obvious, 

Imprisoning Thaos just seemed like leaving too big a weakness for some outside party to commune with/summon him. YMMV.

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Magran's fire casts light in Dark Places...

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Basically it's my main canon world state with minor changes here and there.

Kana become a voice of progress in my game, I ditched GM because there's no need for another cipher in my team and she has no party banter, helped Purnisc and stopped drug's distribution, dragon swapped bodies with the lady. 

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