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Is there new dialog in 1.2?

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Is there new dialog in 1.2, or is existing dialog beter at triggering?  I'm very thorough in party based rpgs like POE2, and tend toward being somewhat compulsive in exausting all conversation options.  Obviously, there are some conversation options that negate others, so you can't choose every single option available.  But if I'm on a certain branch, I follow it through, even if it means talking to that charaacter later (that's how I learned about Zuha's quest in POE1/WM2).


Anyway, without mentioning spoilers, after restarting the game and having a conversation with some people in Port Maje, I got a quest from Eder, and that never happened on my first trip to the Port on my first start.  So is this new, or just better implemented, or did I just happen to miss a conversation branch?

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