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[BUG?] Barati vanished + Huanas guards during RDC final mission


I noticed the bounty guy for Huanas, Barati, disappears after I decided to go all the way with Royal Deadfire Company. 


I am not sure this is a normal thing, as the bounty girl for Vailians is still near the building

crushed by Rauatai cannons


Also the one for pirates is still at Dunnage dock, even though I slaughtered Aeldys and Two-Eyed Pym. 


Also, when I entered the floor he was supposed to be, I was attacked by the Huana elite guards I dodged by using stealth

during the queen assassination mission; even though hazanui Karu was sitting on the throne on the floor just below them



Is there a way this can be fixed? 



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