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I checked over the changes to items and classes in 1.2 and I noticed the following changes to Lord Darryn's Voulge, which is an item I'd been making pretty heavy use of for my Barbarian/Rogue:


Corsairs AOE now strikes only hostiles.
Now has the Electricity keyword, as does Static Charge effect.
Static Charge now only applies to those that have charged stacks on them.
Static Charge trigger effect no longer deals extra damage in addition to the charged stack damage.
Static Charge no longer uses Resonant Touch VFX and instead displays Shock VFX on affected targets.


Static Charge is now considered a hostile effect.
Now, admittedly I really liked getting to blow up huge chunks of the battlefield with this thing, but so far this doesn't really seem all that bad. I am curious as to what the "Corsair's" AoE is referring to though. 
It seems like the biggest change is that the Static Charge damage is no longer affected by damage multipliers, and that it doesn't blow up everyone anymore (So no using it to perma-Distract my Marauder when under the effects of Frenzy. Sad). But it still seems like a really good weapon, especially with the additional Penetration that two handed weapons are getting. Just not ridiculously overpowered. 
And, frankly, I don't mind not accidentally blowing up my party when I'm Frenzied...
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