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Merge/multiple platform worries



I merged from my ipad to the Windows (Steam) version when I discovered that it existed. So all my progress was on the ipad, but I now find that the windows version is what I want to use when it’s available — my main account. My ipad is old so Pathfinder Adventures is a bit much for it, it crashes a lot.


I’d like to use the tablet occasionally, plus I still have a daily gold thing going on there (inaccessible on windows I guess) but I’m afraid I might lose progress if I even open it, and then it will merge the earlier state to the windows application. I was dumb enough to delete the ios program previously.


Am I right in thinking there’s risk of that? I don’t know if it will accept the new state on the windows application or not, especially since I merged from the ipad to windows, not vice versa.


I hope that all is clear, sorry if it isn’t and please feel free to have me clarify if needed.


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