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Basically a tanky dps build utilizing Tuotilo's Palm and Stalker's Presence spear that zaps in the middle of melee and proccing Street Fighter buffs as much as possible. Stacking crit is important for triggering Heartbeat Drumming/Swift Flurry + spear upgrades to land multiple hits. Monk inspirations and Rogue passives are our friends.


There are 2 versions of the build I had in mind; Assassin with Backstab passive/gear support and the Streetfighter version presented in this thread. Shattered Pillar seems like a good splash as I prefer it over drug-addled Nalpacza monks (micromanaging drugs is a bit tedious for me, no matter how powerful it is).


This is a RP build, so stats are not optimized as I'm not really a min-maxer. The build is currently in testing phase in Veteran mode, so I may update it a bit later as I don't have much time to play.




Buff up with Swift Strikes -> position yourself to get flanked -> Thunderous Blows -> Spam Torment's Reach -> Blind dangerous foes -> lock down and kill casters with Shadow Step (flavor skill, could be useful). Enervating Blows and Rogue debuffs make sure you land Deathblows with relative ease.






Street Fighter/Shattered Pillar




Human (Humans are best Street Fighters IMO)



Aedyr (Anything works)



Merchant (Decent RP bonuses)



Veteran (still testing)

Full Party (could work solo)



13 Might

12 Constitution

13 Dexterity

16 Perception

14 Intelligence

10 Resolve


As you can see, the stats are pretty spread out, but that is how I envision character attributes for RP reasons. Feel free to modify them as you wish, just make sure you don't neglect PER and never dump INT, I'll explain why;


STR - an additive damage bonus, no healing or spells to augment, so feel free to drop it a bit

CON - couple of points never hurt, especially on higher difficulties. You can live with 10 if you feel confident

DEX - a good dps attribute, but with Swift Strikes/Street Fighter speed bonuses it feels somewhat redundant

PER - most important stat. big roleplay/detection, crit and hit bonuses (important for proccing extra attacks)

INT - don't dump it. Useful for RP, also for buff duration and Torment's Reach damage radius (our only AoE)

RES - could be dropped I guess, but i tend not to go below 10. Also roleplay heavy stat


As explained above, Perception is top stat. Works well with spear +5 acc and ensures hits/crits. Also, our companions PER sucks (Maya Rua is an exception), so it's good to have for looting and detecting traps. INT is important here both for buff/debuff duration and for TR's reach (heh). It makes monk inspirations last longer, keeping our rotation simpler without frequent rebuffs which can be annoying. Everything else can be subject to a change.




Focus mostly on Mechanics and Stealth, with only couple points to Athletics. On a Passive skill side I picked Insight/Dipomacy, with couple points to Streetwise (RP reasons, frequent checks).


Mechanics - you all know how important it is in this game

Stealth - good for stealing and avoiding fights. Buffs Stalker's Patience damage (by a small amount, nerf bat hit it pretty hard)

Athletics - frequent checks and a nice heal for sticky situations

Insight - frequent checks, very useful

Diplomacy - same as Insight

Streetwise - frequent checks, adds to RP flavor


Talent progression


LVL 0 Sneak Attack, Wounds, Transcendent Suffering

LVL 1 Escape, Swift Strikes

LVL 2 Lesser Wounds

LVL 3 Fast Runner

LVL 4 Two Weapon Style*, Blinding Strike

LVL 5 Dirty Fighting

LVL 6 Weapon and Shield Style*

LVL 7 Torment's Reach, Confounding Blind

LVL 8 Swift Flurry

LVL 9 Riposte

LVL10 Persistent Distraction, Duality of Mortal Presence

LVL11 Thunderous Blows

LVL12 Shadow Step/Tumbling

LVL13 Raised Torment, Deep Wounds

LVL14 Enervating Blows

LVL15 Uncanny Luck

LVL16 Iron Wheel**, Slippery Mind

LVL17 Turning Wheel**

LVL18 Improved Critical

LVL19 Deathblows, Heartbeat Drumming

LVL20 *take your pick*


* - having both TW style and W&S style benefits Tuotilo's Palm (benefits from Transcendent Suffering!) as it is considered both shield and weapon

** - having both Turning and Iron Wheel adds to versatility, depending whether you tank or dps





Set 1: Stalker's Patience/Tuotilo's Palm (pierce/blunt)

Set 2: dual Sabres or Sabre/Dagger (slashing)



Blackblade's Hood, Fair Favor (Sabres)



DoC Breastplate, Garari Cuirass, Fleshmender



Up to you :)



Here, hope you like it!

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