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Weapons on Pallegina's back become tiny after Patch 1.02!



Due to busy work, I haven't played PoE2 for quite a long time since a few days after the initial release, when I pick up my save today and check my Pallegina's inventory, my first feeling was: WTF! Is this really a "greatsword"? How would it be so tiny?



(huh, I can't post images?) the screenshot is here: https://i.imgur.com/XuPrTan.jpg


Then I check other character, and find that the "tiny weapon" issue only appear on Pallegina and not on other characters. I remember there is no such issue when I played the game last time. After search screenshots of PoE2 on internet, a couple of screenshots prove my memory.


This is a screenshot a player uploaded at May 10th, it shows the weapon "Whispers of the Endless Paths" on Pallegina's back:

screenshot: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1382347098


And compare to the screenshot I take today:


screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/GakGMPq.jpg


The weapon model is obviously become tiny.


As Patch 1.02 was release at May 17th, and the screenshot with normal size weapon is uploaded at May 10th, I believe the problem is cause by Patch 1.02.


Please fix it Obsidian! the tiny weapons looks so ugly! 



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This is probably the same problem I reported in a previous topic. I didn't notice that the problem is caused by 1.02 though, since I purchase PoE2 after the release of 1.1 .


Besides what OP saids, I also have something to added:


1, this issue does not only happen on Pallegina, but on all characters with female human body (including female human characters and female human-size godlike characters).


2, thanks to the pre-1.02 screenshot post by the OP, I can now illustrate the problem clearer. This is a pre-1.02 screenshot (I found it here, the same uploader of OP's pre-1.02 screenshot), shows the sword and the scabbard of WotEP in their correct size.




And here is a screenshot taken in the latest version (v1.1) , shows Pallegina with the same weapon in (almost) the same posture and camera angle.



Compare these two images, you can find that when the weapon is pull out, the size of the sword itself does not change through game versions, but the size of the scabbard bacome weirdly smaller.


That is the problem: when the weapon is pulled out, it is still in its correct size, but the scabbard and the weapon on character's back become small after v1.02. I guess this may be problem cause by the bone/animation?

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