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How to get Xoti evil ending

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I am trying to end Xoti companion quest (Gaunt's Lantern) in an evil way.
In the quest Description I can see that I pushed her 2 Times to dark, 3 to light. I chose Adra pilar as the quest resolver.
However, whatever I choose during covnersation with adra, she releases the souls. Can I somehow change it?
I have got 1 point of reputation with her, maybe getting more will help?
Or maybe I should progress more in the game and let her absorb more souls?

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I suspect you're supposed to keep the souls for an evil resolution. 

Ashen Rohk

Ashen Rohk

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Max reputation with her, make her keep the souls and don't let her give them away.


I think.


Because I've literally just finished and she ends up being the wandering Harvester. Really dark.

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