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Corrupted saves - no response from Obsidian!



Hello there I've sent an email to bugs@obsidian.net regarding a bunch of my save files suddeny becoming corrupted and un-load-able, preventing me from playing the game any further. I've attached the save files and the crash report logs. It's been around two weeks, and I never got a response from Technical Support.


What has been the general experience with Obsidian tech support? Do they respond to crash reports at all? Should I expect them to pay any attention to my issue that prevents me from playing the game I backed? Should I wait, or write again, or write to someone specific, or start a campaign on change.org, or just uninstall the game and forget this fiasco has ever happened?


Thanks for any feedback. I played through the obscenely long loading times, determined to enjoy the game, but now i've hit a wall :(

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From my experience, they do reply to your reports but it definitely may take a lot of time to do it. (I sent mine to https://support.obsidian.net/ )

It took around 11 days to get a reply (other than the automated response) to a ticket about a corrupt installer that eventually GoG solved (I'm guessing, I think the problem was in their end too), so I guess that 2 weeks sounds about right.
This being said though, I had sent three tickets about three different issues, the first one was the GoG one, but the others, definitely more recent ones, got a reply a day before/same day as the first ticket. In fact, they replied to those within a day after I sent them. So, my assumption is, that they probably have given days they dedicate themselves to replying to tickets alone. I say this, because I always got the same person replying to my tickets, so maybe they don't exactly have a lot of people working on replies.
Shout-out to tech support Alex D. who was very helpful and informed me if they were redirecting my reports to the devs or if those reports were already being worked on!

So, for short, I do think you should send the reports, I do think they will see them, it just might take a while.

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After writing this post I have re-installed the game, and the saves do work, every other time (or the game freezes and i need to re-launch it). Hopefully i can get from the Old City before I experience the problem again, wouldn't want to re-install a 40 gb game more often than absolutely necessary. So for now the problem is no longer game-breaking.

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