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Mortification of the Soul





I think i found something strange, could be a bug :

I made a new character, a monk. thanks to Berath's Blessing, i am level 4 when i awake. I choose some skills, in particular Mortification of the soul. I modified the AI script to launch Mortification  with 0sec delay and with the conditions, At least 2 wounds (NOT) and Health under 50% (NOT).

The strange behavious begin during the fight on the deck with the pirates : the combat is detected as finished while pirates are still alive and the scripted interaction (saving one of my crew or a crate) begin. During that fight, Mortification was launch two times.

This could be strange enouth if another bug appears just after : On the beach i recrute Eder and level him to level 4. At the end, my character's portrait was eder's one !

I retry a couple times. Each time, same result. I ended not choosing Mortification skill and the bug disapear.

My game is up to date (1.1).

Unfortunatly, i do not keep the save, but i could recreate it if needed.


thanks for reading. Please excuse the mistakes, english is not my native language.

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Sorry for the delay, i was on holyday with no computer to play Deadfire with (shame on me !).

During that time, a new patch was released (1.1.1) and i can not recreate the problem since, so i think it is solved.

Thanks for answering btw.

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