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Enemies pushing/moving each other out of the way.



I've started a wizard playthrough and came across this issue multiple times. When enemies in the backline not engaged by any allies are attacked, they move towards their attacker, completely ignoring other creatures in the way.


If the path is blocked they move their allies out of the way, sometimes out of AoE spells and more. Here is an example


This is not limited to 1 enemy moved either. Eder can engage 4 enemies but one creature in the back can move all 4 of them out of the way to go for the wizard in the back.


Companions have no trouble blocking each other in the same situation (they try to move around allies), so why is that not the case with the enemies? It's like enemies just don't stick to the floor properly or something.


Anyone else has this issue?


Edit: After some testing, I noticed companions also doing this occasionally. It's like when characters engage something they become attached to that rather than the floor.

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Guest Psychovampiric Shield

Charmed enemies can be particularly annoying, because they can not be controlled, i.e. stopped from throwing entire line into disarray.


Related issue is with disengagement. It seems that disengagement attack does not trigger as long as engaged target moves within reach of attacker and does attempt to move out, which has several consequences. If attacker is moving/following target, he does not get disengagement attack at all. Engaged targets can safely circle around frontliners to get to squishier combatants behind them. Finally, frontliners with weapons with long reach are actually easier to circumvent and more dangerous to allies hiding behind them, because they provide attackers with larger safe, no-disengagement-attacks zone to move through.


These two issues combined make frontliners sometimes remarkably ineffectual at keeping enemies at bay. I think pushing should be possible out of combat only and disengagement attacks should trigger the moment engaged target makes or attempts to make a step.


EDIT: I highly recommend this battle in Old City by the corpse with hastily scratched note "Do not touch anything". Loot it and then watch how sheer numbers will literally squeeze monsters through gaps between party's frontliners, where they would be otherwise halted.




The above position was hopeless, I soon ended up completely enveloped. I had to replay and this I time positioned Eder and Pallegina between rocks so that there was no gap monsters could push each other through. Big difference.



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Guest Psychovampiric Shield

Some other observations:

1) if a party member is making melee ability attack, say, Eder making penetrating strike, while another party member is moving and pushig him, that second party member may cause Eder to miss because by the time he finishes his attack, he has the target out of range.

2) if a party member is engaged, another party member may push him out of enemy''s range (enemy may also miss their attack) so that engagement is broken without suffering disengagement attack.


EDIT: I am not entirely sure about 2). But neither case is good; only in case when party members do not push each other system can not be abused, nor cause accidental disengagement attacks.

EDIT: so it is the other way round, after all: companion pushing another (engaged) companion can trigger disengagement attack against that companion. But as I said, accidental disengagement attacks are just as wrong as free disengagement by pushing would be.

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