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Is there ANY way to have the game not mute on loss of focus?



it's fine if i have to rip the game apart to do it, or if there's a mod out there, i just cannot enjoy this game with out being able to alt tab and still hear the gamesounds, i have to window tab for very small periods of time (this is not something i can avoid currently) and having it mute the game music and the game dialog is just infurating. there's no option for this in game, i've spent a very long time googling this and a lot of people have asked and no one has been answered. is there ANYTHING i can do? i don't see much of a point in even having the option to play a game in windowed mode if you click one pixel off the gamescreen and suddenly it's muted anyway.


i'd really appreciate the help, thanks guys

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Looking for a solution to this aswell :)

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My Suikoden German Translation Project: http://www.snes-projects.de/forum/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=3131

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